TV Pirveli Live gadaxvevit

TV Pirveli Live gadaxvevit

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TV Pirveli, also known as TVS, originally started as a sports channel. It was established on March 2, 2015, and gained a national broadcasting license after a period of transformation. From this point onwards, TV Pirveli underwent a complete reconstruction and update. No longer just a sports channel, it introduced new programs and new directions.

TV Pirveli Live

TV Pirveli has gathered well-known journalists and professionals, who are prominent figures in various fields. They have launched new news, journalism, business, economic, and other programs. The dedicated team of professional journalists has strived to achieve high standards and ratings in a short period, offering updated content for the viewers.

TV Pirveli Gadaxvevit

Today, TV Pirveli is one of the most-watched television channels in Georgia. The main focus of the channel is on current political events, economics, and social issues in the country. The channel covers national news as well as global events. It is not limited to Georgia and is watched in several European and African countries.

The slogan of TV Pirveli is "The Epicenter of Events," and it can genuinely claim to represent the accurate dissemination of information. Vakhtang Chikovani is the founder and director of the channel.

You can watch TV Pirveli just like any other television channel, or you can watch it online on their website, This makes it very convenient to watch their TV programs, select your preferred time, and switch to your desired moment. You can watch TV Pirveli on your computer, laptop, smartphone, or iPad.

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