Mtavari Arxi Live Gadaxvevit

Mtavari Arxi Live Gadaxvevit

Watch Mtavari Arxi live, Mtavari Arxi gadaxvevit. Mtavari Arxi is primarily staffed by Rustavi 2's former employees. September 9, 2019, marked the date when the Mtavari Arxi first entered the television ether. With the exceptional effort of a highly skilled team, the telecommunication company managed to quickly establish the status of one of Georgia's most successful television channels. Unprecedented events like this one in the history of Georgian television can be observed.

Mtavari Arxi Live

You can watch the Mtavari Arxi live on The exact broadcasting details are not publicly available but the channel's signal is usually accessible throughout the whole of Georgia. It is also transmitted via satellite, as well as open-air broadcasting. It is accessible through cable operators, IP television, and internet television on

Mtavari Arxi Gadaxvevit

The channel's most rated broadcast is the main news program. The hosts are Diana (Diko) Jijua, Paata Jakobashvili, and Keti Kvachantiradze. Mtavari Arxi's journalists also include: Mikheil Sesiaashvili, Nino Tumashvili, Nino Gogsdzaliani, Ketevan Tsitskishvili, Nino Gazdeliani, Davit Eradze. The channel's correspondents are: Giga Tumanishvili, Anuka Buava, Jehun Muhamedall, Mikheil Goguadze, Nino Kokochezishvili, Nino Gvedashvili, David Eradze. Also, the channel has a correspondent in the United States, in Washington.

The channel broadcasts your daily weather with Koka Roinishvili, Luka Butkhuzi provides the main diagnosis, and Davit Eradze also offers sports news. The Post Factum show includes the following journalists: Mikheil Sesiaashvili, Maia Lomidze, Dato Abramishvili, Tengo Gogotishvili, Lasha Kvesseladze, Tea Adeishvili, Eka Saria, Giorgi Gvishiani, and Ana Asatiani.

The company operates as an independent entity. In accordance with the declaration of conformity with the board, you can see any information related to management, founders, and other similar matters.

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