Euronews Georgia TV Live

Euronews Georgia TV Live

Euronews Georgia

Euronews is a news TV channel and a digital platform, which provides us with Europe's most diverse news. The channel is in 12 different languages and allows almost 145mil. people monthly to get the information they need. "Euronews" has the greatest reputation on the continent, because it counts as the most trusted broadcasting channel. Its goal is to provide people with correct information. It has been providing objective news since its launch on January 4, 1993, in Lyon, France. It should be noted that Georgians can also watch European and Georgian news on the "Euronews" Georgian channel, called - "Euronews Georgia". The partnership agreement was signed between "Silknet" and "Euronews" on July 25th of the year 2019. The idea of ​​the partnership was our president's - Salome Zurabishvili. "We are becoming a member of this big media family. This thought appeared just six months ago and today it has already been done. It is the energy of this country that we can do such things in such a short time" - said the President of Georgia during the founding of "Euronews Georgia".  This is a big step forward for Georgia because we can not only understand the news with the help of this channel but also get to know European culture.

Euronews Georgia Live

There are many programs on this channel. For example, other than the news, we can watch a program about traveling, where the host talks about the amazing places of different countries of Europe, which helps tourists and people interested in traveling to get information. We can also watch the program "Business Line", where we will see well-known businesses and new companies opened by people. Of course, we can also watch movies and news related to them on this channel. There is also the program, called "Brussels, My Love?", where journalists discuss various topics, for example: climate change or inflation in Europe. Every channel has a cooking show, that helps people who love cooking, to discover new foods and of course Euronews channel also has a cooking program, and every week we will see a recipe for a dish typical of one of the European countries or cities. A lot of interesting news is waiting for news lovers on "Euronews".

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