PosTV Live - Pos TV Live Gadaxvevit

PosTV Live - Pos TV Live Gadaxvevit

Pos TV Live

Pos TV is an information and entertainment channel, on which we will mainly see entertaining shows, news, and economic news. It is a Georgian channel and is available throughout Georgia. Its goal is to provide information to viewers, whenever and wherever they want. That is why the motto of the channel is "whenever and wherever you want". It was founded on the 21st of June, 2017, and had 5 founders. They are Nugzar Rukhadze, Zaza Shatrishvili, Zviad Bliadze, Shalva Ramishvili, and "SWOT Production". Pos TV's first program was aired online on July 17th, 2017, but as it was online, its programs were not broadcast on the TVs until November of 2019. The face of the channel and one of its owners is the famous Georgian journalist Shalva Ramishvili, who hosts the program "Samni and Co" on "Pos TV". Shalva Ramishvili, Nika Laliashvili, Nugzar Rukhadze, Valerian Gorgiladze, and others participate in the preparation of the channel's programs.

PosTV Live

"Pos TV" has a lot of programs. Most of them are entertaining programs, although the channel also has news programs. The main programs are: "News release" and "Announcement", where new information is discussed. Programs related to politics are: "Political Post with Ioane Shaishmelashvili"  and "Samni and Co". "Postalion" and "Post of the day" are entertainment programs, where mostly famous people are interviewed etc. "Blog"  is also an entertaining and cheerful program. Here, journalists approach the passers-by and interview them, or do something funny with them. For example, hosts ask them to end a phrase from a movie, etc. TV series such as "Emergency Help" and "Barents Sea" are also broadcasting on this channel. Many interesting programs are waiting for you on this channel.

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