Kavkasia TV Live Gadaxvevit

Kavkasia TV Live Gadaxvevit

Kavkasia Live

Kavkasia is a Georgian channel that has been providing Georgia with news since 1994. It is a news channel and provides viewers with reliable information. Their motto is "We provide the viewers with only the facts and leave them the right to judge it by themselves." The channel is trying to be an independent company, and the team of "Kavkasia" channel is constantly thinking about its development. It was founded on June 21, 1994, and the idea of ​​its creation belongs to Davit Akubardia. Now its manager and owner is Nino Jangirashvili, who has been working here since 1995 and is the wife of the founder. At first, only residents of Tbilisi could watch the "Kavkasia" channel, but after digital broadcasting, since 2016, it can be watched in almost all of Georgia. Even though the channel stands opposite of Georgian Government, it does not avoid criticizing the opposition and its position.

TV Kavkasia Live

There are not many entertaining programs on Kavkasia, but since viewers often watch news programs to get news, it is a great channel for it. Four news programs enjoy the most popularity on it. For example: "Barieri", where the host is Maya Mamulashvili. She provides us with information and talks to various guests. From the host of "Spektri", we receive news about politics and we see discussions on various topics with guests. News program - "Today", based on the name, mostly provides us with the latest information of the day and it airs several times a day. One of the most popular programs is "Politics with Archil Gamzardia". Archili discusses the political structure of Georgia with various politicians. This channel is full of diverse interesting news and information programs, so for those who are always interested in news, this is the right channel for them!

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