Adjara TV Live / ტელეკომპანია აჭარა ლაივი

Adjara TV Live / ტელეკომპანია აჭარა ლაივი

Adjara Live

Adjara is a news TV channel that is funded by the public and is independent of everything (for example political, religious, radio, and governmental influences). It provides information throughout Georgia, Europe, Africa, and parts of Asia. We receive various types of news from Adjara TV, such as Political, economic, cultural, Batumi news, educational, public, world, and sports news. It provides us with television, internet, and radio. Its main goal is justice, objective delivery of reliable information, and diversity, that's why this channel is distinguished, not only by the population of Adjara but also by the population of other areas such as Kartli, Kakheti, or Imereti.

In 1987, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union decided to open television stations in the Republic of Adjara. Channel "Adjara" was founded on the 4th of November, 1987 and the first director was Lamara Bolkvadze, but the current director is Giorgi Kokhreidze. On November 4, journalist Anzor Zambakhidze started the first program of Adjara TV with the words: "Batumi speaks and shows".

Adjara TV Live

Now "Adjara" television has a variety of programs. For example: "Tele-portal", where Nukri Dumbadze presents short documentaries about unknown areas of Adjara. This is an interesting program for people who love traveling and adventures. There is also a show called "Gastro Lover". It's for those, who are interested in cooking and culture, where its host - Aleko Tkhilaivili tries to identify the differences and similarities in the main dishes of different regions. Of course, we all want some educational or entertaining program in the afternoon, and the Adjara channel has the most suitable program for this. "Big Break" is a program for the audience's interests, that are discussed. One of the problems that was discussed is Chronic fatigue, which was discussed with a psychologist and they explained how a person should behave at such a time. They also talked about how a person should combine personal life and work, etc. The most important news program is called "Mtavari", where we get new information about politics, the economy and society. Many interesting programs and programs are waiting for you on this channel.

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