Pirveli Arxi Live / 1TV Live / პირველი არხი ლაივი გადახვევით Gadaxvevit

Pirveli Arxi Live / 1TV Live / პირველი არხი ლაივი გადახვევით Gadaxvevit

1TV Live

You can watch the Pirveli Arxi online with both live broadcasts and archives, known as 1TV Live.

The Pirveli Arxi is the main public broadcaster of Georgia. Its history dates back to 1956, and it has been the primary television channel in Georgia ever since. It is operated by the Georgian National Television and Radio Corporation. In 2004, the Georgian government passed a law that reorganized the state-owned television and radio corporation. This marked a significant overhaul of the channel's programming, format, and coverage areas. While the first television channel in Georgia has been around for over 50 years, radio broadcasting in the country began in 1925.

In different eras, various changes occurred in the content, format, and coverage of the public broadcasting channels. In 1991, another television channel called "Second Channel" was added. Later, a second radio channel called "Radio 2" was introduced.

As of 2023, the Pirveli Arxi is available to 85% of Georgia's population, while the second channel is available to only 55%. Apart from regular antennas, you can also access and watch the content of the public broadcasting channels through satellite dishes and the internet in some European and Asian countries.

Pirveli Arxi Live

On the Pirveli Arxi, you can watch the following programs: Morning Show, Sunday Morning, News of the Day, Acoustic, Running, Natalia, and Datuna. New Day, Personal Doctor, Day Code, This Saturday-Sunday, MasterChef, Business Partner, Independent Vision, News Overview, The Story of Georgiladze, Telethon, Hopla, The Bookcase, Farm, Aka Morchiladze - Lost Books, Epoch, Documentaries, Search Reporter, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Water Polo, Judo, What? Where? When?, Voice, Shark Tank Georgia, King Erekle - Reports from History, Our Georgia, Mašveli, Kimia, and For the Love of.

You can also access a wide range of documentaries, reportages, and various sports broadcasts on these channels, along with numerous other entertaining and informative programs.

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